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In the heart of Theth is built our Hotel, “Hotel Thethi”.
For our clients we have an Albanian kitchen, modern, traditional, local, bio and fresh food with homemade brandy and international wine.
We wish you to enjoy good food and accommodation here and throughout Theth.

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This is the only place to stay in Catalina! I have stayed in the cheaper hotels and they were fine, but this is just the icing on the cake! After spending the day bike riding and hiking to come back and enjoy a glass of wine while looking out your ocean view window and then to top it all off...

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Japanese Media on Theth: A Place Out of a Fairy Tale

A slew of international media has sung its praises to the spectacular Albanian Alps throughout the last decade. But, this is the first time that Japanese media focus on the small, but mighty, alpine village of Theth. Mizuho Ota, the well-known Japanese travel journalist has dedicated one of her signature detailed columns in the newspaper …

Lock-in Tower of Theth

Once a Daunting Site, Now a Fascinating Touristic Attraction Rising over the center of the spectacular alpine village of Theth, this tower holds the history of an entire region, told in detail by one of the tower owners’ descendants. The Lock-in Tower of Theth, also known as the Tower of Nikoll Koçeku, is one of …

Church of Theth

The Picturesque Landmark of the Northern Village Situated in the epicenter of the village of Theth, it seems as though the gorgeous mountain ranges and the iconic Theth rooftops revolve around this at once simple and extraordinary church. History The ruins of the old church date back to the year 1892 and it was precisely …

The waterfall of Gjeçaj

Once you have entered into Theth and you are descending to the center, above the national road, you will see Gjeçaj Waterfall, which is quite beautiful and distinctive, and about 25 meters high. The walks through the National Park provide the possibility to familiarize yourself with the natural and cultural resources that Thethi has. The …

Grunas Canyon in Theth Albania

The Grunas Canyon has large carbon formations. The canyon is around 2 km long and 60 meters deep and varies from 2-3 meters to 30-40 meters wide. There is an incomparable beauty, and all the time, there is enough water to canoe sailing fans. The water of the Thethi River is crystal clear at any …

Ethnographic Museum of Dukagjini

At the valley of Thethi, one can see buildings made of stone, standing tall and strong, which are known for their defensive character. One of the more unique towers is the tower of Lulash Keq Boshi, which was built at the top of jagged rock, 9 meters tall, which is connected to the foundation organically …